IELTS General vs IELTS Academics

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IELTS General vs IELTS Academics

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The purpose behind taking the IELTS TEST is migration or higher education to US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and other international countries. IELTS provides the test taker, options for studying, employment or immigration purposes. The examination best suited for your immediate need is discussed below.

Before we discuss IELTS, it is better to know WHAT IELTS Test is all about? Who takes International English Language Test System (IELTS) examination. IELTS test is taken by student’s wanting to go to do MS in the US. The popularity is of IELTS examination is so high; it has been taken by more than 2.9 million people last year. Furthermore, it is taken by the individuals who are seeking employment abroad.

Therefore, IELTS is divided into two categories: IELTS General and IELTS Academics. IELTS General is for PR (those who are planning to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK ). IELTS Academic is for the student’s or individuals who are wanting to fly to study in higher education ( graduate or post graduate level ) in overseas colleges or universities. Both IELTS General and Academics test the English language skills in listening, writing, speaking and reading as well. The grades awarded for both are the same.

In IELTS General and IELTS Academics test, both listening and speaking are same, whereas writing and reading are different from each other.

IELTS General IELTS Academics
Speaking: face to face interview with United discussion on a familiar topic. Duration: 11-14 minutes. Speaking: face to face interview with United discussion on a familiar topic. Duration: 11-14 minutes.
Listening: 4 sections, each with 10 questions. Question 1&2 are on daily social topics. Question 3&4 are on topics related to training and education. Duration: 30 minutes. Listening: 4 sections, each with 10 questions. Question 1&2 are on daily social topics. Question 3&4 are on topics related to training and education. Duration: 30 minutes.
Reading: 5-6 texts that are chosen from advertisements, notices, company handbooks, books and newspapers, official documents. Duration: 60 minutes. Reading: 3 long texts that are taken from newspapers and magazines, journals, books, which are selected for a non-specialist audience. Duration: 60 minutes.
Writing: Write a short essay in (250 words) and (150 words) letter. Semi-formal style. Duration: 60 minutes. Writing: Write a short essay (250 words), in (150 words) give a description of a chart, table or a diagram. Duration: 60 minutes.

In Listening section the recordings are different. The General test has scripts for example from TV shows, which are fast to catch up. In Academics test Reading the paragraphs is difficult. However, it all depends from student to student. For some listening could be easy and reading difficult or vice-versa. The main focus is the skill of communication an individual can interpret s per the standard required by the IELTS General and IELTS Academics examination administrative body.

IELTS General Test is much easier than IELTS Academics Test. However, you take the IELTS test according to your requirements. You only need to keep in mind a big score to go overseas for higher education, employment or immigration (permanent residency).











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Top 10 Important Reasons to Study in Australia

Top 10 Important Reasons to Study in Australia

Overseas study is a strong desire among students. Moreover, the parents are more passionate about it. Most of the banks are also coming forward offering education loans. Graduation in universities abroad fetches dream jobs. These days Australia is the preferred destination among several students. For most student’s Australia is the first destination for abroad studies. The climate is similar to India. Plenty of Indians has made it big with good jobs in big firms across the world. The scholarships offered by the colleges in Australia, lessen the financial burden considerably. An additional benefit is that admissions are accepted into leading international universities for postgraduate studies.

  1. Why student’s favor Study in Australia?

Eco-friendly surroundings. Great faculty, friendly society, safe to live in, multi-racial culture, good standard of living conditions at an affordable price. In comparison to US and UK, studying in Australia is low-budget fees. There is paid internship in Australia.

  1. University reputation

Australian universities are held in high esteem by companies offering jobs across the world. Vocational and technical training is on par with best in the world. Education in colleges in Australia creates complete professionals who can handle multiple tasks and trouble shooting with absolute ease. Education there ensures quality and skill advancement.

  1. English language

The language diction, including choice of words in Australia, is easy to follow. There are vast opportunities to make strong listening, speaking, writing and reading skills. You can improve your vocabulary by several thousand words. Pronunciation is improved as per international standards. It is easy for students to understand what is being taught in the classroom.

  1. Research and analytics

In Australian universities thorough research is done on curricula. The analytic wing in the colleges does plenty of critical reasoning in helping the student’s to get champion material for study. The books they offer hold high status in all forms of graduation studies worldwide. Their research is based on merit and the highly competitive material is published in the books.

  1. Library

The books in the university library are a huge collection of books. An encyclopedia that is second to none. Name it, you have it there. The advancement of technology and accessibility on the world wide web has not det toerred them keep all books for the comfort of the student’s need. The books are well maintained. The ecological atmosphere in the library is another big plus.

  1. Quality innovation

The universities in Australia adopt new technological solutions faster than other nations in the world. Their band width is awesome. The speedy access, unbeatable productivity levels and highest rate of internet connectivity is the best in the world. Not a single change to web access goes unnoticed. Outstanding backup and excellence in service is their proven record.

  1. Assured recognition

The government of Australia has set up “The Australian Quality Training  Framework” to ensure

best education study experience to students from all over the world. Their commitment is to be appreciated as they do not give rise to speculations.  The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act established in the year 2000 is a testimony to this commitment.

  1. Essential student information

The ESOS Act provides all information on:

  • How to choose a course in a college?
  • What are the enrollment requirements?
  • Where to look for information?
  • Why choosing the right university is important?
  • Responsibilities that need to be met on a student’s visa.
  • Work while studying in Australia.
  • Get help on making a complaint.
  1. Visa restrictions

The red-tapism that exists in getting US and UK visa is another factor to look towards Australia for graduation in higher education. The simple procedure and favorable outcome give the student’s a thinking to decide in favor of Australian university. The transparency in issuing the visa is appealing so as to change their mind and study in Australia.

  1. Scholarships

Australia is new in attracting students from other nations for higher education. Therefore, scholarships are more when compared to US and UK. The country is huge and less population favors new influx of student’s easy. The Australian continent being vast is open to accommodate the student community in large numbers, including offering employment.