Want to study in Australia? – Here is some important information!

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Want to study in Australia? – Here is some important information!

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Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), Australia has issued a strong warning and guidelines to students and agents who are promoting overseas education in Australia. DIBP is concerned mainly with the increase of fraudulent loan letters and other financial documents when students apply for the visa.

It has become the responsibility of agents sending students to Australia, to provide a genuine summary of student’s access to funds – amount of funds available, the bank/source where are funds are available and the source of funds. Now, this has become a mandatory requirement of Australian High Commission (AHC) when they process student visas.

Where evidence of funds is required, the applicant has to provide one of the following:

1) Evidence of funds for 12 months – evidence of funds to cover travel to Australia, 12 months’ living costs for themselves and accompanying family members, tuition fees and schooling costs for school aged children.

The following types of funds are acceptable evidence of financial capacity:

  1. a) money deposit with a financial institution;
  2. b) loan with a financial institution;
  3. c) government loans;
  4. d) scholarship or financial support.

2) Evidence of annual income – the student can provide evidence of personal income of their parents or spouse / de facto partner of at least AUD$60,000. The parents or spouse / de facto partner cannot be traveling with the student to Australia. The evidence must be in the form of official government documentation, such as a tax assessment.

3) Evidence of genuine access to funds. This will be determined by the source, type of funds and the financial institution providing such evidence.

It is very important to note that the financial institution is an approved one by Reserve Bank of India.

In case if the AHC suspects that a particular document was issued fraudulently, this information will be reported to RBI. Unless the matter is investigated and cleared, a visa will not be issued.

At Manhattan Review, we advise all our students to submit only genuine documents so the admission and visa process is completed successfully.

And, we make sure that you reach Australia without any complications!

Wish you all the best,

Team Manhattan

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