Health Administration process at the Master’s level in US/Canadian universities.

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Health Administration process at the Master’s level in US/Canadian universities.

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Public Health/Health Administration –

Many students are looking to study Public Health or Health Administration at the Master’s level, in US/Canadian universities. Here is some information that will help you make a considered decision.

Public Health is offered as a Master of Science (MS) program, which is offered for professionals with work experience in the field of health. Most Doctors with work experience could prefer this if they have at least one year experience. However, there are universities that might admit students even without work experience. Another requirement is credentials evaluation. Universities would like to compare the qualifications of international applicants to that of their country’s qualifications and then determine if an applicant is eligible to study MPH.

Health Administration/Management, on the other hand, is offered under both MBA and MS streams. While universities offering the same under MBA stream prefers applicants with a GMAT score, those offering as an MS program accept the GRE score.  More often than not, universities prefer applicants with work experience. And, many universities require credentials evaluation.

Therefore, while embarking upon the plan to study either MPH or MHA, please make sure that you have the required qualifications, work experience and (if required) credentials evaluation report before you apply to universities.

MR can help you choose the right specialization and program to study in USA. Visit any of our 18 centers across India and discuss your plans with our experienced counselors/center managers. They will be pleased to suggest the right program, university and location according to your plans and budget. This will ensure that your sojourn to USA/Canada/Germany for higher education is pleasant, productive and affordable.

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October 4, 2016 at 11:53 am

Iam Shak.Mohammed.Ishaq I Did B.Tech in 2009 december And M.Tech in 2012 august In Electrical Engineering After That I Had Worked As Entry Level Executive In All The Departments Of The Food Trading Company In Dubai from november-19-2013 to december-12-2015(Except In Accounts Section) And This Basic Level Knowledge Had Made Me More Enthusiastic To Learn More Work And Perform Well In My Upcoming Stages so i gained two years experience in trading company where i had worked under purchase and sales department as co-ordinator like reporting about the total stock present in the company ware house and per day how much sales is reached , what is the purchase cost and selling cost , what is the company profit from that profit further how much it is given for companies maintenance and employee salaries in that way i was coordinating to the managers, here after i had been shifted to admin and hr department to work as a executive were my job responsibilities was to update the total employee data , companies vehicles data , making renewals of the vehicles permissions for food handling like food distribution certificate speed limit certificate, vehicle testing,scanning their details and filing them seperately ,so in this way i had learnt basic level executive work under the departments of hr,administration, sales, purchase , warehouse division. As Per My Education Back Ground I Studied​ electrical​ Engineering But As Per My First Job Was As An Entry Level Executive In Admin Hr Section so So According To My Curriculum​ for​ My Overall Career Doing Mba In Hr Is Good Or Mba In Logistics Or Marketing Is Good Because Having Engineering Background Education With Non-Engineering Work Experience As An Executive Which Mba Is Preferable Iam Little Bit Confused So Please Guide And I Hope I Get Cleared My Confusion. and i want to do mba in worlds top 10 ranked universities in usa

thanking you
Yours Sincerely , ​
Mobile No: 00918790362758
Skype ID: ishaq.smd1988
email id :


    October 15, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    Thank you for contacting us. With your Master’s level education in Electrical Engineering and diverse work experience in various management fields, you could go for an MBA program certainly. Since you have exposure to different fields within Management and you are not sure about a specific field, you may take up the General MBA program initially and decide later (after the first year of MBA) to choose a field (such as HR, Finance, Marketing etc.) to specialize in. This is possible in many US universities.

    Admission into the top ten US universities depends on your overall academic strength, test scores (in TOEFL and GMAT) work experience, your essays and recommendations. Getting in depends upon doing many right things at the right time. MR helps you to everything that makes your applications better, stronger and suitable for your target B schools. Contact any of our centers closest to you or email us @ . Wish you all the best.

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